Westcotes Rest Home is a small residential home for the elderly,situated in the Western Park area of the city.The home provides care for up to twenty residents in an atmosphere of understanding for the needs of the elderly and strives to promote a sense of belonging within a family environment.

The proprietor,Les Downing,lives close to the Home and is available at all timesl. “Westcotes” was established in November,1982.


Registration details

Westcotes is registered with the Care Quality Commission as a residential care home,under the category registration of OP .Meaning our client groups are the elderly and more dependent elderly.

The Commission is responsible for seeing that standards are maintained.

Westcotes is not a registered Nursing Home.



Details of fees

Please see appendix 1.


Services covered by fees

Fees will cover the provision of furnished accommodation,light,heat,and all meals, beverages, normal washing and ironing of machine washable clothing,and aid with personal needs during minor illness. General personal care 24 hours per day,occasional outings and visiting entertainments.

Fees also cover religious services and incontinent sheets.


Items not covered by fees

The fees do not cover personal items such as clothing,toilet requisites(except flannels and soap),stationary,dry cleaning, private chiropody and physiotherapy and non communal newspapers and televisions.Also alcohol,special beverages/meals etc; medical requisites(other than medication by prescription),other items such as spectacles and hearing aids and their batteries,incontinence materials(except sheets) and items of a luxury or personal nature,and any other treatment or care requested by or necessitated by a resident’s worsening state of health not provided by the N.H.S.

Costs of hairdressing.

These should be paid for by the resident if able,or a separate invoice will be kept for sundry items to be settled on presentation.

Visits to outside agencies that require the use of  escort staff will be charged at the rate of the prevailing statutary adult minimum wage per hour – after the first hour.

The provision of Home transport regarding the interests of the resident e.g. hospital,optician and dentist visits will be provided free,but occasionally due to duplication of appointments or the need of a relative to be present – family may be asked to provide the transport.


Review of fees

Annual review of fees take effect from the same week as Council bandings are reviewed.

One month’s prior notice of any fees will be given in writing to the resident or the family or the representative.

Management reserve the right to :-

Change the fees if the resident changes his/her bedroom to one of a different category.

Charge a supplementary fee for the additional costs if the resident’s condition deteriorates to the stage where additional care is needed,subject to agreement.Such addition to be paid on the next presentation of account.

Change the fees generally if running costs,in management’s sole discretion,justify it.


Absence fees

Residents have the right to temporarily vacate their accommodation,but inorder to keep that accommodation reserved for themselves the following terms apply.

If a bed is vacated due to holidays or family visits, fees will be charged at 80% of full charge for every whole week away starting at the beginning of the third week.If a resident goes into hospital due to ill health or accident – the full fee will be charged for the first four consecutive weeks,thereafter every successive week at 80% of the full fee.

In the event of death any accrued credits will be returned on a pro-rata basis.


Guarantee/responsibility for charges

The resident and/or the relative/and or the responsible representative who signs the agreement assume personal joint and several responsibility and liability to pay all fees,charges,extra’s etc as may be claimed in terms of this agreement,on demand.Management may at its sole discretion recover all or any of the sums owing in terms of this agreement from either or both parties.

If the resident’s affairs are to be managed by the court of protection,his/her representative undertakes to accept responsibility for any debts accruing to the Home before and whilst the residents affairs are being processed by the court.

If a resident is to be funded by the Social Services,the Home will expect the resident’s family to meet the fees while the claim is being processed – unless such a request will create hardship,then the Home is prepared to discuss alternative methods of payment.



Management shall co-operate with residents in making an application for benefits or other allowances.


Legal and other advice correspondence

Residents who are unable to,or prefer not to control their own financial affairs are advised to arrange for their own solicitor, bank manager,accountant or next of kin to control them on their behalf.

Management and staff have no responsibility for,interest in,or claim on a resident’s financial resources or estate.

If requested the Home will safeguard that resident’s benefit book(s).



A resident must give four weeks notice in writing to the Home or pay an equivalent period’s fees in lieu.Should the resident be unwilling or unable to continue in residence,for whatever reason,management may give the resident or family four weeks notice in writing to terminate this agreement and require the resident to leave.


In the event of illness,the resident will be cared for in his/her own or appropriate room.If,however,the doctor decides further care is required,then alternative arrangements must be made.If a resident is found to be in need of nursing,more intensive or other specialist attention from a long term point of view then the Home may,on medical advice,terminate the agreement without penalty so that the resident may be relocated in a suitable nursing home or hospital.


Management reserves the right to require the resident to vacate the Home if,in the opinion of management or doctor,the resident is not suitable for continued accommodation in the Home on grounds of mental or physical state.


Circumstances in which a resident might be required to leave

Every endeavour is made to keep residents at the Home,even if sick,provided the doctor is satisfied that the Home can give the appropriate level of care.However management do reserve the right to ask the resident to leave if the Home is unable to give the care required,or if the resident causes disharmony within the Home.

Disharmony is defined as behaviour which is consistently anti-social  i.e. physical or verbal aggression causing an atmosphere of insecurity among the other residents.

Management undertake to enlist the support of the National Health Services as necessary to enable the resident to remain in the Home in the event of illness,should the resident so wish,and unless the resident’s G.P. recommends alternative arrangements.



Meals provided

Morning tea on request


Morning Coffee and biscuits


Afternoon tea and biscuits

High Tea


Milky Drink

Obviously there is flexibility.

Residents may occasionally invite a friend or member of the family for a meal free of charge.


Meal times and place

The Home provides meals at the same time of the day.If a resident wishes to alter her/his time eating because of other commitments this can be accommodated.

Packed lunches,if requested,can be provided if a resident is going out.

Residents may, if they wish, not take their meals in the dining room.


Meal content

Meal contents are varied and residents are offered alternatives.


Making own drinks

If residents are capable and request drink making facilities this would be encouraged.



Gratuities,gifts and shopping

Gratuities are not to be paid to individual members of staff.Donations by residents to staff however may be paid direct to the management,if so wished,who hold a fund which is shared out amongst the staff at Christmas time.

Staff are forbidden to accept gifts from residents or their relatives without the prior consent of the management.

Residents may ask management for any purchases to be made on their behalf.


Additional copies of this prospectus are readily available on request.


May 2016