Residents are accepted on the  terms and conditions stated within the prospectus, and prior to taking up residence these terms shall be accepted by the resident or his or her representative by signing a form incorporating and referring to them.

Management and resident agree that it is not the intention to create between them the relationship of landlord and tenant and that the legal possession and control of any room or rooms occupied by the resident remain at all times vested in management.



Fees are normally paid in advance at four weekly intervals. Other arrangements can be considered on request.


FEES – usually reviewed annually to take effect April 2016.

£ 426:00  per week same as Social Service Payment Band 3 ( Dependent Residents)

£ 475:00  per week same as Social Service Payment Band 5 (Highly Dependent Residents)

The precise level of fees will be established following discussion with the relevant parties to establish accommodation , funding and care requirements.

In certain circumstances, depending on care, medical or financial considerations, the above fee can be varied.

For prospective residents who will be applying  for residential care placement via the Leicester Social Services the level of fees will be determined following an assessment by the pertinent Social Services Care Manager.

If the local care manager deems that residential care is appropriate, the prospective resident has the choice to which Home they wish to go.


April 2016